Master for Minecraft

Master for Minecraft- Launcher is an application that allows you to manage everything related to the Minecraf game. Concentrating all the advantages of the editor and launcher, it helps you to realize all your creative ideas in Minecraft.

Master-Minecraft, is a support tool for playing Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft is a fascinating game that allows you to discover an infinite number of places, from hills to oceans, from impressive and spectacular mountains to the narrowest and darkest caves. With Master for Minecraft-Launcher, you can dramatically increase your control over the game. It's an Android launch app for Minecraft Pocket Edition that adds several tools and features to the gameplay. For example, from Master for Minecraft-Launcher, users can :

  • Modify the game (change the time of day and change the game mode, one click to fly, sprint or become invincible ;
  • Set the game parameters before entering the game;
  • Expand the game with powerful features, including sprint and HP display;
  • Smoothly import and replace maps, skins, addons, textures, modes, and js from Minecraft;
  • Conquer infinite objects: Diamonds are free as stones;
  • Set experience level (0-2000), enchantment level;
  • Toggle between large/small GUI;
  • Download all the best Minecraft maps for free.

Master for Minecraft- Launcher is also available in Pocket edition for Android and iOS.

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