Dream League Soccer

Dream league soccer is a fabulous soccer simulation game. For football lovers, this gameplay is innovative, both in its design and in its principle. Indeed, the players have here, the possibility of creating and making evolve their team of their dream.

Description and technical data

With Dream league soccer, you take the place of the manager of your own football club. You start by selecting players from real life, thanks to the FIFPro license, and form your team. After that, you have to work your way up through the leagues of 6 different leagues. Only after this stage can you enter 7 different cup competitions. Participating in live matches and different challenges allows you to earn tokens and rewards. These earnings allow you to make customizations like buying players, creating logos, building a stadium, etc. The game has a rich content with a pleasantly realistic graphics. The controls are responsive and rather easy to handle.

Developed and published by First Touch Games, the app is free to download on both Android and iOS download platforms. Additional game content is available for purchase in physical currency. Before installing, it is essential to ensure that the device has enough memory, and the minimum configuration required by the game. This gameplay is currently not offered by the developer on PC or Windows devices.

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