Salatuk is an application to strengthen your faith. Indeed, this application tells you the times of prayer, as well as the direction of the Qibla associated with your position at the exact time. Adapted and usable for any type of equipment, Salatuk can be used on a PC, whether it is with a Windows system, Apple or other Android or iOS equipment.

Salatuk, to strengthen your faith

Salatuk is an application whose algorithm supports different prayer calculation methods used in Muslim countries. Also, you just need to download it via Google Play to benefit from its features. It consists first of all in the choice of the method, the Fighi school, as well as the Adhan that suits the locality where you are. The user can also modify the information by integrating the settings tab. In order to benefit from a good localization, the parameters must be well adjusted, the GPS activated and the internet connection functional.

The Salatuk tool is a way to avoid missing daily prayer times by indicating the direction to Mecca using the compass. All schedules are adjusted to the exact time of day. In addition, the tool features a Hijri calendar to help the user remember the most important dates for prayers. Notifications and alerts will be present to avoid delays.

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