NFC Tools

NFC Tools is an application from Wakdev. It is intended for mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems but is not available on PC.

What are the features of NFC Tools?

NFC Tools allows you to read and write what are called NFC tags. For your information, NFC technology is a method of transmitting information between two devices. To do so, a device equipped with a small badge needs to pass over a reader. A bank card, for example, uses this type of device to order a payment. Several pieces of information can be stored in NFC chips, such as your phone number, URL, emergency contact number and your identity on social networks. To integrate this information into the chip, you simply click on the write tab.

The NFC Tools application is also designed to automatically launch repetitive tasks on your phone. According to the developer, NFC Tools is capable of launching up to 200 customizable actions using combinations. Thanks to the tool, you can order your morning alarm clock to start. It is still possible to turn on the Bluetooth automatically by playing with the settings. And in the evening before going to sleep, you can put your device in silent mode for a specified period of time. Note that the program has other functions for users. For example, they can protect the data written on the NFC chip with a password.

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