Radio ESKA - radio internetowe

The Radio ESKA application proposed by SUPERMEDIA Interactive Sp z oo broadcasts live and online the most popular songs of the moment. Free, efficient, ergonomic, the Polish station offers you the opportunity to discover a fresh urban style and quality content from the city of your choice.

Hits at all hours!

User-friendly, fluid, functional and giving access to different styles as rich as they are varied, Radio Eska allows you to listen to Pop, RnB, Hip-hop, Electronic, House, Dance or Transe music. Access thematic programs from the application's interface. A simple gesture is all it takes to choose between ESKA Do Pracy, ESKA Hot 20, ESKA Impreska and ESKA RAP 20. Thanks to Radio Eska :

  • Explore the many entertainment podcasts carefully prepared for you.
  • Access the news section of your favourite stars so you don't miss any of their news.
  • You can also find contests that will allow you to win gifts.
  • Wake up to dynamic music for an energetic day, atmospheric evenings and to make the most of your nights, join the millions of listeners already won over by Radio Eska.

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