TP-Link Tether

TP-Link Tether is a very simple platform to manage your TP-Link router/repeater from your mobile device. From quick configuration to parental control, the application offers you a simple and intuitive interface to view the status of your devices and configure access settings.

TP-Link Tether to manage your access rights from your device

The TP-Link Tether application allows you to access your TP-Link devices on your smartphone and provides an easier way to help you complete the most common settings such as Internet connection, wireless network name and password, access control rules, and more. In more detail, the application allows users to :

  • Define access rights for other users and manage multiple TP-Link devices at the same time ;
  • Configure the SSID, password and Internet settings of your devices;
  • Configure parental control with calendar and URL-based Internet access rules and block users;
  • Find the optimal location for your repeater;
  • Automatically turn the LEDs on/off at the specified time.

Tether is a platform with many useful features that will help you control and monitor your network at home and on the go through remote management. Users simply need a unique and exclusive TP-Link ID to manage their xDSL router from any location. TP-Link Tether also helps with any type of firmware updates to ensure the best and most advanced Wi-Fi experience on your network.

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