Do you easily lose track of your financial health when you manage your retirement savings, savings account, chequing account, loan repayment in a disorderly manner? This is the fundamental reason for the creation of the Money Manager application. It is a practical tool created by BCEU and made available to its customers to help them better organize their financial budgeting, while having the advantage of being able to consult all their financial portfolios on a fixed platform.

Money Manager is easy to use, whether you want to connect to the app or to your bank account on the internet. The interface shows you the totality of debts, expenses and budget simulations based on clear information that will allow you to spot trends and establish a plan to optimize your financial health in your accounts linked to BCEU as well as to other banks. In short, all these practical financial management features confirm the power and efficiency of Money Manager.

Organize your accounts in one place

This exceptional tool allows you to view all your finances, without leaving out your accounts, in a simple and original interface. It removes the difficulty of constantly surfing on different accounts online, just to know if your finances are in good shape. This budgeting application is available in mobile, PC and Windows versions so you can access your data anywhere, anytime. What are you waiting for to download it now!

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BECU has already been published BECU on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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