ELSA Speak - Accent Reduction

Developed by ELSA Speak, this learning application helps you improve your pronunciation through real conversations thanks to artificial intelligence.

ELSA Speak, speak English like an American

Still known as "English Language Speech Assistant", ELSA Speak is a unique solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It seeks to act as your online pronunciation coach to help you better master the American accent. With over 15 million users worldwide, it helps improve the English pronunciation skills of non-native speakers. It offers you the opportunity to work through a variety of activities that focus on the individual sounds of English.

Most of the activities involve recording yourself speaking a word or phrase. You receive instant, automated feedback on your recordings.
This feedback includes comments on your mistakes and how you can improve. Easy to download, ELSA Speak comes with many thoughtful support features, including an assessment, dictionary and word bank. It offers a wealth of content, with four types of lessons: listening, syllable stress, word pronunciation and dialogue. Intuitive and aesthetically appealing, the application covers more than 60 topics and over 20 skills.

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