Yubo is a French application created for teenagers to meet new friends. Used by more than 25 million teenagers, this utility is very practical with its multiple features to chat with new people around the world.

Yubo, to make new friends

Yubo is not just an application. It has become a community that brings together young people from around the world. This French platform has been developed to find new friends in the local community or around the world. Whether it's through live chat or genuine interactions, access to Yubo is completely free. With Yubo, it is possible to stream. In other words, it is a live video chat that allows you to talk with up to 10 friends. This feature also allows you to invite new friends to meet you. Chatting, singing and interacting can all be done via streaming. The chat feature of the app allows you to chat and talk with old friends and new people.

Yubo also offers the Swipe function to find people who have the same feelings. The Yubo app, also features a game called To be Honest. If Yubo has become a community, it is because it has all kinds of themes according to the hobbies of each person. Sports, music or theater, each theme has members so that everyone can create friendships. To download Yubo, just go to the Google Play platform. There is also a version for iOS but not on Windows PC.

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