Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

FAKE GPS GO is a virtual location application. Its objective? To track your GPS by geolocating yourself wherever you want in the world, with a simple click! Make your friends think you're somewhere else and enhance your experience with location-based games like Pokemon Go. Have fun anywhere, without leaving home!

How does FAKE GPS GO work?

After downloading the application, first open it. Then choose a place in the world and click on the map. Your actual position will then be replaced by the new one and your device will be officially located where you want it to be. This way, you'll be able to make your friends think you're somewhere else, or even geolocate a photo in the country where it was taken, even if you're no longer there.

This simulation is especially popular with Pokemon GO players, who can then explore other countries in search of exclusive regional Pokémons (like Tauros or Kangaroo, only found in the Americas and Australia). Download FAKE GPS GO and visit the world! It is available on iOS and Android but not for Windows PC.

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