Timehop ​​is an application that allows you to jump into the past to collect old photos and publications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Dropbox. Timehop ​​sees itself as a machine to go back in time for the different networks as well as for the photos taken by the user.

Timehop, an app for the nostalgic

It is sometimes difficult to remember what happened about a year ago or the context in which our messages were viewed as well as their contents. And that's precisely where Timehop ​​comes in. This application for Smartphones is used to display everything you have shared with your friends on social media in the recent past. When you set up the app, you choose whether to remind you of images in your photo gallery, or whether it should also be connected to different social media and allow you to access status updates, and so on. Among the social networks that you can revisit with Timehop ​​are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Dropbox and Google.

In addition to Android and iOS, Timehop ​​can also be installed on Mac and Windows, allowing images stored on the computer to be accessible whenever you want and on a daily basis. If Timehop ​​is used on the iPhone, pictures taken with the camera are also available.

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