μTorrent is a software that allows you to share or download torrent files. It is a widely used tool that relies on P2P or peer-to-peer technology to operate a computer network on a bandwidth hosting multiple users.

How to use μTorrent?

μTorrent is a software program that has been actively developing since it was first released in 2005 and has millions of users around the world. Several features are included in the μTorrent application. It allows to share and download multiple files simultaneously, to limit the bandwidth of the entire program and individual torrents, to select in a torrent containing several files that we would like to download and even to interrupt and to restart a torrent in due time. Torrent files are quite special. They are often very small and contain only the download information for larger files (movies, video clips, music, PDF books ...).

Although the program uses very little space and resources, it is an excellent tool to download all possible files from the BitTorrent protocol. The app has a search function in the upper right corner to find the latest torrents. You can of course also get them from other sources, and then open them with the application. Unfortunately, torrents have a major disadvantage: not only do you download files, but you download and share them simultaneously, which is a crime in many countries. Thus, in some countries, the use of torrents is not recommended.

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