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WhatsApp is a messaging service that lets you send text messages, pictures, videos, files, contacts and your own site via a Smartphone. Currently in the world, the service is so widely used for individual communication of Smartphone to Smartphone. However, it is also possible to create a group in which several users can share ideas at the same time.

WhatsApp: an application to connect all over the world

WhatsApp is the application of the most popular e-mail around the world currently. The service is well away from YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat with nearly 1.5 billion users globally. On Smartphones, the application identifies with its unique green icon. The functionality of the software is limited. It is a simple Instant Messenger. It is an application through which users can send messages to contacts that are in their directories and using them as WhatsApp. The application has the advantage of save you all creation profile. WhatsApp users need, in effect, not to create an ID and to add contacts manually. The application makes the turn of your address book will automatically find them. From 2018, WhatsApp is present on the Store and allows its users to communicate with their correspondents via a dedicated interface.

There are also other versions of such as Business WhatsApp WhatsApp. It's an application downloaded for free and designed for small business owners. Using the application tools, companies can easily communicate with their customers by automating them, sorting them, and by responding instantly to their messages.

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