AdwCleaner is a free PC application available for Windows and designed by the French Xplode development team. It is used to remove toolbars, popup and hijacker often generated by unwanted advertising intrusions or hidden in the navigation bars. The main goal of the application is to help you get a faster navigation.

AdwCleaner, a multilingual tool to clean your computer

AdwCleaner software searches, finds and removes adware, spyware, browser toolbars, browser hackers and other malware from computers and browsers. Specifically, AdwCleaner is used to disinfect your device. The application will perform a complete search on the computer to detect any traces of potentially undesirable programs and remove them. It therefore differs from Antivirus, which has a preventive role in preventing the installation of viruses. To do this, the application has a search mode and a delete mode. A click on the "Search" button starts the search for adware and spyware on the computer. After the scan, the application displays the locations of unwanted files and offers you to delete them.

The types of files targeted by AdwCleaner are usually provided with free programs downloaded from the Web. Examples include programs that are automatically downloaded or installed on your computer, files in browser toolbars, adware and other unwanted programs. AdwCleaner is compatible with all desktop versions of Windows. It does not require any installation on a PC to be examined. The application can also be started from a USB stick or a live CD and can be checked.

You want to download ADWCleaner on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Malwarebytes has already been published ADWCleaner on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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