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Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video authoring and editing software designed for all recent versions of Windows including Windows 10. Since its first release in 2000, the software has seen several improvements as the Microsoft operating systems.

Windows Movie Maker, uplifting experiences of video editing
Windows Movie Maker is a software that allows you to shoot videos and introduce transitions between them for a complete movie. This is the video editing program that Microsoft incorporates into its operating system. Thanks to windowsmovie maker, you can create, edit and share your own montages with videos, images, just drag the desired elements, whether videos or images, and arrange them with one of the 60 transition effects available for editing to your liking. From gradient wipes to sepia effects and glossy filters, Windows Movie Maker lets you create professional quality movies in minutes. The videos generated by this app are limited to 60 seconds.
Windows Movie Maker is also a program for editing basic audio tracks. The software can be used to model basic effects to audio tracks such as fades in and out. Audio tracks can then be exported as a sound file instead of a video file. Movie Maker has been officially replaced by Windows Story Remix, integrated with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10.

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