PhotoFiltre is an excellent software that will delight all digital imaging enthusiasts. The application is designed to edit and optimize photo files in different extensions. It can serve professional uses, but is mostly used by individuals because of its relative ease of ownership.

PhotoFiltre, a complete image customization software

PhotoFiltre Studio is a very complete software for editing, creating and retouching images that is mainly aimed at amateur photographers. It offers many parameters, both for the modification and retouching of original photos, which correspond to the most known programs in the field of digital imaging. PhotoFiltre can be used to:

• Pass a photo under a filter to give it another appearance;

• Perform tests with many modifications and then restore the original photo;

• Work with a multitude of photos at the same time, regardless of the number.

The most important functions are directly accessible in PhotoFiltre Studio via various tool panels. The toolbar of the program gives you access to all filters (a hundred in total) and effects in a few clicks. The application also has an advanced brush layer manager, a red eye corrector, a batch processing module, tools for rotation, resizing, changing brightness , the contrast of photos, etc. In addition, PhotoFiltre is an excellent tool for exporting and converting photos, coupled with a free program for distributing your photos online.

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