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Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is one of the best free programs for beginner DJs. It is an audio and video mixing application whose interface simulates that of a mixer. At any time, it can be used to stream music and manipulate music.

How to use Virtual DJ?
Virtual DJ is an excellent software for learning to play DJs by manipulating digital music files and mixing videos. Even if the application is compatible with multiple devices, you can get the most out of Virtual DJ if you install it on your computer. Make sure your PC correctly recognizes your controller and start Virtual DJ. The functions presented are very extensive. The application offers you simple keyboard commands that must be combined with cursor keys for proper navigation.

To use Virtual DJ, you first need to load a track on a deck, then use the built-in browser to surf any directory. Virtual DJ will automatically display all the music files in the selected folder. Drag and drop a track of your choice on the platform, the music track is immediately analyzed and loaded.

Virtual DJ also gives you a window to an iTunes library. Supported audio formats are mp3, wav, ogg; and video avi, mpeg, divx ... As we can see, the application allows us to handle the vast majority of audio and video content without any problem.

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