Sonic CD

Sonic CD is a video game developed by Sonic Team based on time travel. It is possible for the player to go back in the past and change the future to discover new challenges. You can download the application on Android, iOS, and also on Windows PC.

The game tells the story of Sonic's long adventure, who finally reaches a very curious world, Little Planet, a place where past, present and future meet thanks to the power of the Times Stones, hidden in this mysterious planet.

Sonic is accompanied by Amy Rose to discover Little Planet. They will then discover the Machiavellian plan of Dr.Eggman, also called Dr.Robotnik, who wants to take control of the Time Stones and at the same time the control of time.

The fate of the world is in your hands: all the choices you make during your adventure will have consequences in the future. You will have to fight in the past, recover all the Time Stones and defeat Metal Sonic in order to destroy your enemy's plans and save the future of all.

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