Design Home

Design Home is a game that allows the user to embody an interior designer. Perfect your sense of interior design with daily design challenges and furnish sublime spaces in 3D thanks to real prestigious brands of furniture and decoration.

Perfect yourself and get inspired for real life

Design Home is a game for Android and iOS that turns you into an interior designer. Players choose and place the required furniture and decoration in the spaces provided. The results of the challenge are determined by the other players of the game who vote on the designs. If a player receives four stars or more, they win a virtual piece of furniture to use in future challenges. You can place lamps and chairs in a virtual room, but your designs are ranked by a community, giving you the chance to win prizes, in the form of currency that allows you to buy more virtual furniture. As you enter a room, you will see buttons indicating where the furniture should go: sofas, armchairs, consoles, plants, wall hangings. By clicking on each button, you select the furniture you own or shop to buy and place.

When you launch a design challenge, you encounter a series of small bubbles with small furniture icons inside. The blue ones are furniture you need to put in the room to complete the challenge, while the purple ones are optional items such as lamps and paints that will add more atmosphere to your room.

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