Thermomix Cookidoo

The Thermomix Cookidoo application gives you access to a world of delicious recipes guided by the Thermomix appliance manufacturer. If you have a Thermomix or a food processor, this application is the ideal guide to take advantage of your appliance to discover all its uses.

Thermomix Cookidoo, a sophisticated cooking guide

Thermomix Cookidoo is an application that allows you to learn the basics of cooking, deepen your knowledge and improve your game in the making of many dishes and pastries. You will discover hundreds of cooking ideas for all tastes, seasons and occasions in the form of a large selection of recipe tutorial videos for your Thermomix food processor. The application includes weekly suggestions, theme pages and editor choices that will guide you to the perfect meal.

To use Thermomix Cookidoo, simply create a free account and get a free trial for a few days. You will have access to thousands of recipes that are easy to make with the latest generation Thermomix equipment such as tm6, tm5, tm31 and any food processor. In addition, take advantage of sending your favourite recipes, weekly planning and consulting a collection of recipes available within the application.

With an ever-growing database of recipes from around the world, Cookidoo provides unlimited inspiration and ideas for everyday cooking. Don't miss the opportunity to download Thermomix recipes and discover the best recipes made with brand name appliances.

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