Canon PRINT is the printing and scanning application for PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY that works from a smartphone or tablet. The application offers efficiency and functionality. With the wireless connection, you can scan and print photos from your smartphone or tablet, as well as documents and web pages.

Canon PRINT to print up to 20 copies of one document at a time.

Canon PRINT is the official app of the leader in Japanese digital camera equipment. It is used to quickly print photos and documents from your smartphones, PCs or tablets compatible with CCP technology by simply opening the application, choosing what you want to print and putting your device in contact with the printer. It also provides direct access to cloud services and even remote control of printer status, manual or real-time ink levels. Thanks to the application, you can print any type of document (Word document, images, concert ticket ...) in record time or share it directly on social media.

For the actual use, the application allows you to select print settings such as the formats or the number of copies you want. For pairing with a printer, the app automatically searches for compatible wireless printers over a Wi-Fi network, so you do not have to search for them every time. Canon PRINT is available for free download on Google Play and PlayStore and allows you to revolutionize the way you print, copy and scan.

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