Yazio is a calorie-counting application that allows you to diet properly. As one of the most exciting platforms for improving fitness and health, YAZIO makes fitness safer, more effective and longer lasting than any single diet application.

YAZIO for those who want strict calorie counting

YAZIO is a very useful application for users who wish to gain, lose or maintain their weight. The application combines different tasks in an integrated package with YAZIO Calorie Counter, Diet & Nutrition Tracker services. They facilitate the whole health process from calorie counting to weight loss.

To begin with, each user sets a goal to "lose weight", "gain weight", "build muscle" or "stay healthy and maintain weight". Strict adherence to calorie levels is encouraged, but not necessarily at the expense of food quality. Track your food intake and check daily calorie and macronutrient levels.

In addition, the YAZIO calorie counter allows users to easily track their sports and fitness activities, selecting from over 200 available sports. As a result, keeping track of fitness levels to stay healthy is as simple as selecting an activity, choosing a duration and then adding it to the daily log. Users can also customize the application with favorite and frequently consumed foods, meals and recipes for easy recall.

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