SHEIN is an e-commerce application from the online shop, specially designed for the sale of all kinds of women's clothing. Its catalogue is filled with the latest trends in women's fashion and is updated with more than 200 new items every day.

Buy clothing and shopping with SHEIN

Developed by Shein Group Ltd, the SHEIN application is available for free download on Google Play for the Android system and on the App Store for the iOS system. For SHEIN to run on Windows on PC or Mac, an emulator must first be downloaded and installed. However, it is much easier to open the website from your browser.

The SHEIN application has a simple and intuitive interface which helps the user to search for items easily. This search is carried out across several categories such as swimwear, accessories, dresses, plus sizes, novelties and shoes. With thousands of outfits available on SHEIN, every customer can easily find the right outfit for him or her. With photos of these outfits, the user can enjoy the article based on his or her tastes and preferences before placing the order.

In addition, each customer has the opportunity to send in their personal style, with the option of voting for the style chosen by other users. SHEIN offers the choice of purchasing the selected articles immediately, but also of compiling a list of articles for later purchase. In addition, the SHEIN application notifies its users of promotional sales and order status.

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