Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is a free game developed by Gameloft. This open world adventure and action game is quite similar to Grand Theft Auto. The gamer plays as a bandit roaming the streets of Las Vegas, playing with gangsters and mafia cartels. The game is available for free on all mobile platforms, such as iOS or Android.

About the game

Gangstar Vegas is the seventh series of the game in the saga. Regarding the main story of the game, there are 80 different missions to complete such as kidnapping, car chases, and solving murders, but there are more to discover. Players enjoy an open world with a large city where gang wars are raging. This location is nine times larger than other locations featured in the previous Gangstar series. In this map, players will find mini-games, powers, lots of cars and weapons, but also several types of missions.

Character customization is possible thanks to stores that allow players to buy various items, such as clothes and accessories. Many types of weapons are also available, as well as cars. It is even possible to request more weapons or another vehicle during the missions. This game can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. It is not available on PC, but for Windows users, you can still play the game by installing an Android emulator on your computer.

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