Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do is a planning application that helps you increase your productivity by giving you the means to easily plan your day and manage your daily activities. Microsoft To Do helps you organize and simplify your plans for work, school, and home.

Microsoft To-Do, a fine-tuned planning tool

Microsoft To Do is a compendium of tools that help users reduce their stress level or simply free up their mental space by serving as a reminder. You can use Microsoft To Do to take notes for future events, create shopping lists or task lists, schedule an event or set reminders to increase your productivity and focus on what matters to you. In particular, the application has a custom daily scheduling feature called "My Day". It helps you accomplish what's important to your work day every day. My Day's smart suggestions help you plan what you need to get that day done. Since then, the application will also allow you to share lists and assign tasks to your friends, family, colleagues and classmates.

To Do is free and available on the web and on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The new version of the application includes a completely new design, access from anywhere, and greater integration with other Microsoft applications and services.

You want to download Microsoft To-Do on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Microsoft has already been published Microsoft To-Do on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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