Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is a game that invites you to join forces with Farm Heroes and help collect crops to decant perilous situations. Farm Heroes Saga is completely free, but some optional elements of the game will have to be paid for.

An addictive application with familiar gameplay

Farm Heroes Saga is an application that invites you to match elements in a captivating green environment, achieve goals and then start over. The scenario of the game is as follows: Players attempt to match at least three similar fruits or vegetables, trying to collect a certain number of each element. Matches can be made horizontally or vertically and are made by moving the fruits/vegetables with your finger. When you make a match, the surrounding blocks temporarily gain an extra value point towards the quota, which is essential to clear future levels. Play through hundreds of levels of change and matching farm fun to find out. Other features of the game include :

  • Exciting Plantamiz series to collect to complete levels before you run out of moves;
  • Rechargeable boosters, special bonuses and Farmers' Club animals to help you complete difficult levels;
  • Acres of levels and puzzles to complete, with additions every two weeks.

Farm Heroes Saga is a particularly exciting game, especially for younger players. The colorful graphics of the application and the big-eyed twittering vegetables of the application are its biggest arguments with the younger ones. Face this fantastic saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the best score.

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