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Remind is designed to be a safe and simple way for teachers to contact students and parents, both via SMS and Internet/application messaging. Launched in 2011, the application offers communication services for schools.

A relay application between school and home

Remind is a communication platform that helps educators reach out to students and parents wherever they may be. The application allows teachers, administrators and other educators to send notifications of assignments, post last minute updates on trips or sports games, and provide timely information on school closures, homework assignments, updates and other emergency events.

Users can choose to receive notifications in the application, via email or SMS. If parents choose to receive text messages, the Company will send them text messages when their students' teachers post notifications or messages in the application. This app-To TEXT feature allows parents and students to use the service even if they do not have a smartphone or reliable Internet access. Remind also allows you to translate messages into more than 90 languages and share files, photos and content from your favorite sites.

Remind has a free service for individual classes, while schools and districts can pay for a school-wide plan that includes more features.

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