Microsoft Edge, the latest version of Microsoft's web browser, is presented with a new logo and a new interface. Including many new features, theapplication is more powerful, faster and more secure than its predecessor, and will accompany you on all your devices.

Surf the web with complete peace of mind, wherever you are!

Compatible with all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android), you can now download the Microsoft Edge application on PCs, tablets or mobiles. You have a Windows 10 PC? Microsoft automatically integrates its browser with the update. Installing Microsoft Edge is quick and easy on your devices. The application allows you to serenely synchronize all your data (passwords, favorites, settings, history...) from other browsers, customize the interface and select the search engine.

In this new architecture, Microsoft makes it a point of honour to preserve your security and confidentiality. Edge is equipped with a password monitoring system and alerts you if your data is threatened. It also offers the user the ability to disable the tracking tools of the Web sites visited. Thanks to its InPrivate mode, your privacy is preserved: browsing data (history, cookies, searches, temporary files...) are not kept on your devices after closing the tabs. The Windows Defender SmartScreen protection system warns you when you download suspicious files or software. Microsoft Edge, new generation, keeps all its promises and its development is not about to stop...

You want to download Edge on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Microsoft Corporation has already been published Edge on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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