Floor Plan Creator

Developed by Marcin Lewandowski, Floor Plan Creator is a tool for creating precise and detailed floor plans. In a simple way, thanks to this program, we will be able to design two-dimensional and three-dimensional plans, whether we are professionals of architecture or not. What is Floor Plan Creator?

What to remember in Floor Plan Creator?

Floor Plan Creator is an application that allows us to quickly and easily create plans to configure our dream house. It can also check if we have the possibility of placing furniture in the unoccupied space of our house. Also, it facilitates synchronization in the cloud to automatically save and share plans between devices. It supports imperial and metric units and gives us the possibility to work with other people on our projects by sharing them with them.

Floor Plan Creator also calculates the perimeter, the flat surface of the walls and the room. This powerful application exports the plan as PDF (print to scale), image, SVG, DXF (2D) and then generates Wavefront.obj files that can be imported into game engines and many 3G rendering programs. Available in native Android version (Android Application) and HTML5 version (Web Application), Floor Plan Creator can be used on any mobile device or PC but is not available as a Windows application.

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