Medical consultation is not always easy. Sometimes you don't have the strength to go to your doctor. Rather than traveling, why not opt for a home consultation via the Internet. Specializing in remote consultation, the startup Medaviz and its president Guillaume Lesdos have created a practical solution to help you.

How does Medaviz work?

The Medavizapplication allows for online medical consultations, in full respect of medical confidentiality. No personal data is shared with a third party to ensure user security. It is compatible with various media: smartphones, tablets and PCs. There are versions for Android, iOS and Windows. In addition to being practical, the principle is simple. You interact by videoconference with your attending physician. If he is not registered on the platform, you can contact a doctor on call located in your territory or a nurse to accompany you.

Before doing so, you must register. Approach your doctor to ask for a password. The program is only accessible by invitation or if the mutual insurance company allows it. Then, you must download and install the application to complete the registration. From then on, it is possible to consult a medical professional 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as long as you are connected.

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