Instagram is a free photo and video sharing application available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It allows you to post, comment on or like photographs on a world-class platform.

Photographic content very easy to digest and admire

Instagram, also called Insta or IG, is a social network that gives pride of place to photography. Launched on October 6, 2010, this social media quickly enjoyed great success. Less than nine years later, it has more than a billion active users per month. The platform is 90% visual and that is the main feature that made it so popular from the beginning to the present day.

The operation of the application is very simple. She invites you to take normal photos of your daily life or videos and then post them on a personal account to interact with a community. After taking each photo and recording a video, you can make adjustments with the filters offered by the social network to give it a better aesthetic and make it visible to the public you have. Just like other social networks, you can interact with other users on Instagram by following them, commenting on their post, liking them, tagging them and sending private messages. You can even save the photos you see on Instagram.

There isn't a lot of text on Instagram, you can get started quickly and easily, and then it's completely free. The application is available on Google Play and App Store and compatible with Android and iOS.

You want to download Instagram on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Instagram has already been published Instagram on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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