Minion Rush

Minion Rush is a mobile game inspired by the famous yellow characters from the movie Me, Ugly and Mean. Enter a running adventure game with Minions full of breathtaking locations with lively graphics and full of suspense.

Run with the Minions in an iconic game

Minion Rush is a game that allows you to accompany the adorable yellow henchmen endlessly in quirky adventures. The game allows you to browse through the 3D sets from the series of movies Me, Ugly and Naughty. The Minions you control will have to collect Bananas in Bratt's Cave, the Anti-Villain League, the Egyptian Pyramids, etc. The game also gives you the opportunity to :

  • Accompany Dave and go on missions full of Bananas;
  • Unlock other Minions like Carl, Jerry, Mel, etc., and collect bananas during the missions;
  • Complete room missions, unlock dozens of Minion costumes, with regular additions;
  • Have fun completing action-packed missions with lots of bonuses and unexpected twists;
  • Run a fun race through challenging obstacles, in incredible areas and in nature

Some features of the game, such as collaborating with other players, facing them or sharing items with them in the game, require the player to have an account and be connected to a social network such as Facebook or Google Play. Minion Rush is not only a mobile racing game full of all the fun of the Despicable Me movies but it is also a hit game that is on mobile for free that mixes suspenseful action with stunning graphics.

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