Facetune 2

Developed by Lightricks Ltd, Facetune2 is an application specialized in photo editing. The tool is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that allows it to shape certain features so that they fit naturally into the context of your face.

Facetune2, your ultimate photo editor

Facetune2 makes it easy to reshape faces, remove wrinkles and pimples, adjust lighting, and give a photo an extra edge. You can control the lighting as you would in a professional photo studio. AI simulates the new lighting with a single touch. With augmented reality, you can preview the adjustable effects live before you take the picture when using the front camera.

This allows you to experiment with skin smoothing, teeth whitening, detail enhancement, facial feature modification and shadow correction before you commit. With a built-in editor, users can edit their own photos. From removing imperfections to changing the shape of the nose, almost anything is possible!

This means you can perform Photoshop-like retouching without the need for sophisticated software or a computer. The application also offers fun photo editing features that have nothing to do with changing a person's physical appearance. These include the ability to replace backgrounds, fun, creative and colorful lighting effects, etc. Available for Android and iOS, use on Windows PC is currently only possible by installing an emulator.

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