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Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros has been created to help newcomers and pros of Super Smash Bros to reach their full playing potential. The platform allows you to discuss your favourite games, platforms, characters and strategies. Win a huge success by sharing your thoughts, findings and creations.

Players of the Smash world share their best and worst fights.

Super smash bros is a playful space where you have the opportunity to create a profile showing your passion for the Super Smash world. You will then be able to connect with other Super Smash players and start an adventure. Once in the game, you will be matched according to your Global Smash Power and your favourite rules. You can also set up a private room to play online with friends, where you can chat vocally via the Nintendo Switch Online Smartphone application. Up to eight players can join the party. From there you can :

  • Create polls and discussions to share with other Super Smash Bros. players;
  • Show your latest achievements;
  • Share, discuss and debate games, characters and strategy;
  • Observe the latest news in the world of Super Smash Bros;
  • Discover the fanart, cosplay and creations of the players;
  • Connect with local Super Smash Bros. players...

Discover other Super Smash Bros. players nearby and around the world who share your passion for Nintendo, Brawl and Project M. Post and discuss news, characters, gameplay and more.

You want Super Smash Bros on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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