Have you ever thought of superimposing two photos at the same time? It certainly adds a fashionable effect. Thanks to this technique, a famous person can accompany you on a photo. Of course, there are many possibilities once you have adopted the concept. To do this, you need to use a software or application such as Superimpose. Discover its main features.

What do I need to know about Superimpose?

Superimpose is a dedicated application for image processing. It is available for phones with an Android and IOS operating system. You can download it from specialised online sites. However, it is also available for Windows users. However, they will need to install an emulator before they can run it on a PC.

The features of Superimpose

Superimpose offers particular ease during photo retouching. In fact, it does not require complicated handling. To start juxtaposing, simply copy and paste one image onto another. You can even load background photos from your storage media. The programme allows you to mix more than two images using the merge tab. This promises a significant advantage as you don't need to invest in expensive PC software. Superimpose has an editing mode. It can be used to add effects or brightness. Resizing also remains within its scope. Once the improvements are complete, you will have a high definition photo.

The other capabilities of Superimpose

The programme integrates a wide range of tools. Do you have problems with an image? Do you want to hide a detail? Rest assured, it has a masking parameter on Windows. Photos can also be smoothed. Once the photos have been combined, any imperfections such as excess colour must be concealed. For this purpose, it offers useful gadgets for adjusting saturation and exposure. In addition, you can store a shadow that comes from the foreground on the background.

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