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Personal Banking Santander

Personal Banking Santander app allows you safely and quickly access the Santander accounts, using your security details or fingerprint in one place. You can use it to pay your bills, and those in your contact list without difficulties. You need to download to easily manage your business accounts.

Manage your accounts

with the personal banking Santander, you can see your transaction history and account balances, pending transactions for the credit card and running account balance, as well as see information regarding the Santander products to assist you in make the most of your savings/money.

Before you start

You should know that the app can detect your current number. You will get the on time passcode from the app communication center. After receiving the passcode, it will take a few minutes to start using the personal banking santander on your mobile.

You need to do the following:

Download and open the Personal Banking Santander app and on detail, enter the online banking information ;
By text, you will get a one-time passcode ;
Into the application, enter the code for your device to be registered.
Confirm the set up, on the Personal Banking Santander app, you can choose to use Face ID or Touch ID to login.

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