IPTV is a real success with Internet users. The internet protocol GSE Iptv is the creation of Droidvision. To watch TV channels on a mobile device, you can download the application depending on your operating system. It is available on Android or Windows. You will also find a version adapted for IOS and PC.

Features on gse iptv

The GSE IPTV program integrates several features. These have a similarity, regardless of the nomadic device chosen. It has chromecast support. This means that content from your mobile device can be streamed to the TV screen. To do this, simply plug a key into the TV's HDMI port. Then a wifi connection will be established between the smartphone and the TV set. It is equipped with XTREAM API which is an audiovisual flow management solution.

Information about the programs that are playing is transcribed to the screen thanks to EPG support. Its role is to show the programs that will be broadcast by the channels while displaying small summaries. Moreover, the XMLTV tool offers the same capability. However, the program only reads the formats unveiled in the XML format. The software performs an automatic reconnection when problems occur during streaming playback. Parents can encode channels to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content. GSE IPTV allows you to browse different transmission protocols.

Playlists are easily stored using M3U. Indeed, it is able to access http addresses. You will then copy the URL to paste the link on the dedicated field of the multilingual application. For information, the lists constituted in the database can be modified or deleted. The themes are diversified to improve the user experience with a customizable interface.

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