gDMSS Lite

Need a free application to centralize all your monitoring devices on the same software? The solution is to download the Dahua brand application: gDMSS Lite. You can install it on PC, tablet or mobile. All your videos or audios will be accessible and can be controlled remotely. A real control tower allowing you a better security.

A surveillance application for individuals or professionals

The gDMSS Lite software can be downloaded for free from Apple Store or Google Store. Once installed, you will be able to connect your different devices such as cameras, surveillance alarms, video intercoms, audio recorders... thanks to their location on the local network (LAN or WIFI), their IP address or their QR code. You will be able to remotely control your devices by zooming or moving the orientation of the cameras. The recordings are stored on a cloud and can be consulted at any time. To prevent any intrusions or suspicious events, alert notifications can be sent to you.

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, you can be sure that no malicious act will occur during your absence. For best image quality, use gDMSS Lite on your PC's large screen. Installation on Windows or Mac requires downloading an emulator such as Nox App Player or Bluestacks.

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