The Hornet application is a platform for meeting, sharing and discussion exclusively reserved for gay, bis and curious men who have the same interests. It was created in 2011 with the mission of establishing a digital crucible for the LGBTQ community. It has since nearly 25 million users in the world and is considered the largest social network for men who love men.

Hornet, an interactive internet community

Hornet is an application of gay dating and spontaneous adventure that displays a list of men nearby. The more the other user is close, the more it appears at the top of your list. To fully use Hornet, you must allow the application to access your location so that it is displayed to another user nearby. Users can use filters to select and chat with the guys who best meet their criteria.

On Hornet, users can create and inform their profile, contact other contacts, consult an urban tour guide for the LGBTQ community, consult articles written by and for other gays or discover Original addresses for night outings in their own neighbourhood or when they travel. Hornet allows its users to weave meaningful links in a friendly and refreshing environment, full of award-winning original content and lifestyle, travel, entertainment and social justice news.

Currently, Hornet is the gay application with the most free features. It is available on IOS, Android and the Web and accessible on PC, Smartphone and tablet.

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