Downloading and storing songs on your device can take up a lot of space and can even disrupt the operation of your mobile phone or computer if space is not freed up. However, it is always convenient to have your favourite songs on hand at all times. It is this functionality and freedom that Songflip offers its users.

Songflip features

Songflip is an application that allows users to listen to music when wifi or mobile data is enabled. It is not a platform for downloading songs, but an online music player. So you can access it at any time as long as you are connected to the internet. Thanks to the Songflip application, you have an unlimited number of free songs. It will also allow you to discover new music as well as groups of singers from all over the world. With songflip, you can easily find the hits of the moment by clicking on an option.

Songflip is compatible with Android and iPhone. To take advantage of all its features, just go to Google playstore to download it on Android and App Store to install it on your iPhone. However, the application is not compatible on Pc's, especially those under Windows system. You can create your own playlist and organize your favorite songs on the player according to genre such as country, rock, classical and even disco. Songflip also gives you the ability to share your favourite tracks on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Songflip is very easy to use. Just type the name of your favorite song in the search bar and it will appear.

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