DS Video

DS Video is an application that is offered by Synology Inc. and is the ideal tool to browse and play video content, manage recordings, and stream live TV.

An Application with Multiple Functions

DS Video is an application that allows the distribution of a video collection from a DiskStation to a mobile device or PC. Each user can enjoy easy navigation as the videos are sorted into various libraries. And all movies have information automatically retrieved online. This app also allows the recording of TV programs as long as a DTV dongle is connected to the DiskStation. The recording program can be managed even while on the move thanks to the DTV command in the settings.

DS Video is an app that runs on a Synology NAS server. Launching the DSM and Video Station are useful to enjoy the full functions. This app is compatible with different media such as Android and iOS. It is highly recommended to download the appropriate version for the device you want to use. There is quick access for favorites, shared videos, watch list, and custom collections. It is possible to change the display mode and refresh the page if needed.

You want to download DS Video on Windows 10 ? Good news !

Synology Inc. has already been published DS Video on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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