Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Photoshop Sketch is the mobile version of a drawing tool from the famous Adobe suite. It allows the creation of expressive drawings on any type of media. Let's see in details what this application is used for.

Photoshop Sketch, the drawing tool to go

Adobe's application allows you to make drawings wherever you are. The functionality of Adobe Photoshop is brought to your mobile phone via the Photoshop Sketch app. With graphite pencil, pen, blending markers and more, the creative possibilities are endless. Draw, erase, color, resize and edit your creations with tools similar to existing hardware and you can even create your own brushes in Capture.

A feature allows you to share your screen with the available tools. You can also access other people's creations. Royalty-free images are available through Adobe Stock or purchase image licenses directly from your application. The app's community gives you the opportunity to view other artists' work and share your own creations. Get live feedback on your designs. Automatically create videos to illustrate the key steps of your creations. For editing on the PC, you can send your designs to Photoshop or Illustrator using Creative Cloud Libraries. You can download Photoshop Sketch from Google Play or App Store, but it's not available on PC. It is compatible with the latest styli available on the market.

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