With NTC (Nike Training Club), train at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Find weight training video tutorials developed by experienced athletes or experts in wellness and health. Nike Training Club (NTC) contains more than 200 free and targeted training programs for athletes of all levels.

Description of the NTC application

With the Nike training application, you have the opportunity to strengthen your muscle tone directly from home. To help you achieve your goals, you can follow in free access, coaches "Nike" performing different exercises in videos that last between 5 and 50 minutes each. The training programs take place over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Then you can track your progress and get rewards such as trophies by going to the "Activity" tab.

You can start your training program according to your personal needs and availability. You can also find a lot of expert advice on nutrition through NTC (Nike Training Club). NTC (Nike Training Club) is to be downloaded on Android and iOS. It is therefore not possible to use it on Windows PC. For the best experience, the NTC training planner is only available on iOS. Whether you work out at home or at a gym, you'll find the right session to reach your goals.

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