Are you a fan of simulation games? Discover Pou, a free and fun virtual game that will help you have fun. Basically, you'll have to take care of Pou, a little alien, so that he grows up. Will you be able to do it? To find out, just download the app and install it on your compatible device.

Play with your pet

Pou is a virtual pet simulation game, published by Zakeh. It features an animal unlike any other, which you have to take care of. Your objective is to feed him, clean him and make sure he is happy. When accessing the app, start with the basic needs of giving him food, bath or medicine. To do this, drag the items that appear on the screen (food, medicine, soap, etc.) to him.

Your new friend also requires attention, just like any other pet, which includes playtime and fun. So make sure you take the time to play with him. These are the regular things you need to do to help your pet grow up well. Also, as you progress in the game, you get new features to customize your pet as well as the display. This game is nice and helps to pass the time. To enjoy it, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. For Windows PC, you will need an emulator to install it.

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