AntennaPod is an application developed by a community of podcast enthusiasts known as the AntennaPod Open Source Team. It is available for mobile versions running on Android operating systems.

AntennaPod Features

AntennaPod is Open Source software. As a result, anyone can extract and manipulate the original codes at will. With this in mind, you can modify some or all of your features by working on a Windows PC and using a development tool. Speaking of features, the application will allow the user to access a plethora of podcasts on online platforms. To do this, he or she can go to ITunes, for example. Note that the content has been deposited there by podcasters. You also have the possibility to access podcasts through RSS links.

The AntennaPod software offers a pleasant reading experience as it allows the user to define the reading speed. It is also possible to set the automatic stop thanks to a timer. It also saves time, as you could order the automatic deletion of episodes you consider useless. To do this, you need to define criteria. If you want to share an episode that is important to you, you just need to convert the item in question into an OPML file. This file will then be sent manually to social networks or to the email of your acquaintances.

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