Archero is an action game developed by Habby. The game is inspired by warriors with bows and arrows who always live dangerous adventures. In the game, one will have to control his character to start an exciting adventure. The game also has many other attractive features to support his adventure.

Archero: description of the application

In each level, different abilities are gained that allow the player to advance. Many of them are random. The game offers a wide variety of maps and worlds that can be explored after your quest for victory. Each level has different monsters that can be defeated with the right skills and strategy. In each level, one can obtain a different weapon that will help the player to improve his stats.

The interface and dynamics of the game are very simple. However, it is only with concentration, dedication and cunning that one becomes the best player. The character is designed to shoot automatically as soon as you encounter the enemy, so your mission is to protect yourself. Mastering the game seems to be an easy task, until you realize that each level has its own complexity. One life is not enough when there are attacks everywhere and your health bar decreases with every attack you receive.

The official version of Archero for PC is not available. Nevertheless, you can use an emulator to download and install Archero for Windows laptop.

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