Published by Instabridge AB, Instabridge is a solution that allows you to connect to free Wi-Fi whenever possible, without asking for a password.

Instabridge, free hotspots available everywhere

Instabridge contains several million listed hotspots (wireless Internet access points) and the passwords to access them. In other words, you can connect to the Internet wherever free Wi-Fi is available. The app is perfect for travelers, whose directions and access to the nearest hotspot will now be in the palm of their hand. This should make their lives easier. Instabridge is a global community of Wi-Fi users who share information and passwords.

The tool and the service are free. All you have to do is to add new passwords if possible and new hotspots if you find some that are not already listed. The goal is to work together, to share your knowledge so that other people can also connect. The application shows you where the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots are and automatically connects you to them when you are in range. This isn't just limited to public places like coffee shops, but also affects other Instabridge users (if they agree). In other words, you can list your own Wi-Fi and give access to other users who request it.

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