Game of Sultans

In this free role-playing game, created by Mechanist Internet Technologies CO. you will play as the sultan or sultana of the Ottoman Empire. After customizing your avatar, the adventure begins, and it's up to you to build and manage your kingdom as you wish.

A complete kingdom management game

You will choose your viziers, companions, and other characters as you meet them. You can increase the number of viziers and improve their abilities as you play. You can also develop your family by visiting your companions in the harem and giving them gifts. Heirs will be born from these relationships and you will have to raise them. By upgrading the various characters, you will increase the power and skills of the Empire. In the imperial parliament, you will be able to manage the perceptions and affairs of the kingdom, the rewards vary depending on your choices. You will also have to go on campaign to protect your kingdom. You can obtain additional resources by completing daily quests or by winning challenges at events. You can also create or join unions and coalitions. You will be able to communicate with other players via the in-game chat or facebook support groups.

It is possible to download the application on the Google and Apple stores but not on the Windows store. The application is designed for smartphones and not for PCs.

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