Grand Truck Simulator 2

Developed by Pulsar GameSoft, Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a simulation game. Easy to download, the application brings a new concept of logistics simulation.

Grand Truck Simulator 2, the ultimate simulation game

In this excellent simulation game, you have to take care of a fleet of vehicles, especially trucks. Basically, it's up to you to fill up your truck with gas, repair it, attach or remove the trailer, etc. With the new dynamics of Grand Truck Simulator 2, you'll find that fuel consumption, damage and wear and tear are more realistic than ever. All the ingredients are there to put your driving and management skills to the test. The game is also appreciated for its good graphics and many situations where realism is increased.

So you'll have to check tire pressure, buy used cars, change transmissions, check lube and coolant levels, change rims, engines and tires. In short, you will be in charge of your fleet of vehicles. Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a lot of fun to pass the time and you need very little knowledge to know which gear and transmission will give you the best result. The game also features new maps and an improved weather system to provide a great gaming experience. Have a lot of fun with your gearbox!

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