Philips Airstudio + Lite

Philips has developed Philips AirStudio. It is a control application used to connect a wireless Hi-Fi system to a home WIFI network. It is very useful if you want immediate control over your music.

Features of the Philips Airstudio application

Philips Airstudio, is an application with powerful properties and features. With Philips AirStudio you can choose and listen to your favorite music online or browse through the many radio stations on the Internet. You'll have access to your iTunes library and online music service. You can also adjust the sound settings to suit your needs.

With Philips Airstudio, you can be in control of your music anytime, anywhere, by easily connecting your wireless speaker to your network and streaming your music wirelessly from your device. You'll also have complete and immediate control over your music playback and volume. It allows you to stream and control your music from a mobile device. It is able to automatically detect all compatible devices, which are connected to the network.

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